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Humber Bridge restrictions - what you need to know

10 February 2020

For only the second time in its history, the Humber Bridge was closed to ALL traffic for several hours yesterday (Sunday 9 Feb) due to winds gusting up to 80mph. 

Humber Bridge restrictions - what you need to know

As the worst of Storm Ciara moved through and out of the region, the bridge re-opened to cars, but high sided vehicles are still not permitted to cross (1230 Mon). This restriction is likely to remain in place until at least Wednesday 12 February.

Why is the “tag lane” closed in high winds?  

Humber Bridge statement:

'When we close the Humber Bridge to high-sided and vulnerable vehicles, we also close the HumberTag lane as this enables us to stop prohibited vehicles travelling south across the bridge. These vehicles are then directed to the Humber Bridge car park to wait for the high winds to die down.

'We understand this can lead to congestion and therefore frustration among Humber Bridge users, particularly during peak travel times. However, it is the safest way of managing the bridge during high winds. By closing the HumberTag lane, we reduce the chance of a vehicle being blown over which could cause injury or fatalities and would result in far longer delays and congestion than closing the tag lane.'

Many have taken to social media for clarification of what constitutes a 'high-sided vehicle' or 'wind vulnerable' vehicle. Please see below the graphic released by the Humber Bridge Board and plan journeys accordingly. These restictions are in place to ensure the safety of all those crossing the bridge, emergency services and bridge staff. Please consider whether your vehicle is on the graphic before setting out in the continuing high winds: