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A lady from Hull has frequent falls in her home. She lived in fear and became socially isolated. Our Hull FIRST firefighters came to the rescue and gave her the confidence to rebuild her life.

Carole Mowforth suffers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and has frequent falls in her home.

The ambulance service receives a high capacity of calls daily, which are categorised from life threatening to less urgent.

For less urgent cases like Carole, patients can sometimes be left waiting for an ambulance to arrive often laying on the floor, known as a long lie.

Carole’s long lie has often led to further complications and she has been admitted to hospital. This experience has had a detrimental impact on Carol’s lifestyle and wellbeing, and she admits: “I stopped going places as I lived in fear of falling.”

As a solution, Hull FIRST (Falls, Intervention, Response and Safety Team) was commissioned in October 2015 to provide support to the local ambulance service.

It was established by Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Hull City Council, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and City Health Care Partnerships and is crewed by firefighters.

Their aim is to:

  • Provide fast and appropriate care in the community
  • Help avoid unnecessary hospital visits
  • Help people remain independent in their own homes

Hull FIRST have positivity changed Carole’s way of life. Now when Carole experiences a fall, Hull FIRST reach her within one hour.

Carole feels safe and assured when the team arrive, and she has built a great relationship with them; knowing all eight firefighters on a first name basis.

Hull FIRST solve a short term problem by assisting with pickups and carrying out medical observations to establish if further treatment is required.

Long term, these highly trained firefighters work together with Highlands Health Centre to create pathways to prevent patients from falling.

Matty Aistrop, a firefighter from Hull FIRST said: “We work closely with Age UK and other agencies to ensure patients get the help and support they need”

For Carole, Hull FIRST have changed her life. They have given her the confidence to attend social activities and helped her find new sheltered accommodation.