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Seconds matter in an emergency - are we getting through?

7 February 2019

Hundreds of flyers and posters have been issued to crews and Public Safety staff this week to try and get the message out to those who park in such a way as to delay or block a fire engine en route to an emergency.

Seconds matter in an emergency - are we getting through?

Getting an on street parking space can be a struggle for some outside their own homes, but selfish and/or illegal parking tends to happen on the school run in the morning and evening.

Dumping the car on double yellow lines, across driveways or even across verges may seem the only option to save a five minute walk to the school gate, but could impact on a fire engine's access down an already narrow street. Due to the size of the engine, fire crews need that little bit more space to get between parked cars and a slightly wider arc when turning in or out of side streets.

Each engine across the Service will carry reminder flyers to use when they have been delayed getting to an incident. 'On the ground' Community Safety staff will also have a few to hand to gently remind drivers of the potential consequences of their actions.

The flyer and the poster contain the following advice:

When you park your vehicle, please:

  • Leave extra room near tight corners
  • DON’T park on double yellow lines
  • Park as close to the kerb as possible
  • Fold in your wing mirrors if you can
  • Don’t block any driveways or gateways
  • Check there is enough room for a fire engine to pass